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Sunridge Veterinary Clinic

The Sunridge Veterinary Clinic Team

Lola (Goodwill Ambassador/ Clinic Cat)

It's true what they say. "You don't choose a cat, the cat chooses you". That was definitely the case with our newest addition to the Sunridge Veterinay Clinic team, Lola.

A couple of months had passed after the death of our beloved clinic cat Cyclops, and we were all feeling the huge void he left in the clinic. As much as we love all our patients, they don't always feel the same way about us and we were missing the unconditional love and snuggles that Cyclops used to provide. Well, word must have gotten around the Feline Gossip Express because Lola showed up at Kamila's house one bright summer morning and decided she was not going to leave. Not even Kamila's very large Rottweiler, her rambunctious Labrador or her territorial cat could scare Lola away. She knew she found her forever people and she was not leaving without giving it the good fight. Every morning when Kam and her husband left for work there was Lola at the door saying good morning. Every night when they came home, there was Lola on the sidewalk waiting to greet them and ask them about their day. After many failed attempts at finding Lola's owners, it was clear she was no longer wanted. She needed a new forever home. Kamila brought into the clinic with the intent to trace her owners or find her a new family. It soon became clear that she was home. She immediately made herself comfortable and it wasn't long before we all accepted that we had a new permanent staff member. Lola is proving herself to be one of the hardest working members of staff and has assigned herself many duties. These include: Keeping our chairs warm, laying on files as we are trying to write in them, batting at our heads and meowing loudly every time we try to talk on the phone (she always has something important to add to the conversation), greeting our cat patients with a friendly meow and sniff, yowling and hissing a greeting at our canine patients (they need to be told how to behave) and most importantly, giving lots of snuggles. If you stop by the clinic, say hello to Lola. She is sure to give you a very warm welcome. 

Dr. Barry Magill, B.SC. DVM

Dr. Magill graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine (WCVM) in 1976. Shortly thereafter he relocated to Calgary. Sunridge Veterinary Clinic has been his "veterinary" home since 1989, but before that he was associated with three other veterinary clinics: 17th Avenue Animal Hospital, Animal Clinic and Calgary North Veterinary Hospital.

During his career, Dr. Magill has also been involved with other aspects of veterinary medicine. He has served on the executive board of the Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine, was on the Board of Directors for the Calgary Humane Society and Western Drug Distribution Centre(WDDC) in Edmonton and for 17 years, he taught Hematology and Ethics to the animal nursing students at S.A.I.T..

He has been Honoured twice by being chosen as the Veterinarian of the Year, once by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association and once by the Alberta Humane Society.

Dr. Magill has 4 children and over the years they have had a variety of pets including dogs, cats, birds, hamsters, guinea pigs and tropical fish. Today he and his wife share their home with 2 of their children, a Belgium Tervuren , a Miniature Schnauzer.

Dr. Ross Duncan B.SC. DVM

Dr. Duncan grew up in St. Albert, just north of Edmonton and received his B.Sc. at the University of Alberta in 1979. He then attended the Western College of Veterinary Medicine and graduated in 1983. After a year in practice in Edmonton he moved to Calgary where he worked in emergency for a few years before moving to day time practice. In 1989 he purchased the Sunridge Veterinary Clinic with his partner Dr. Magill. Dr. Duncan has served on the Calgary Humane Society board, been a Director of Continuing Education for the Calgary Academy of Veterinary Medicine and acted as a complaints investigator for the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. Currently he volunteers with the Clinical Skills labs at the university of Calgary Veterinary College. He spends his spare time with his awesome wife, 5 children, 2 grand children, 2 dogs and an unruly Betta fish, refereeing men's hockey or teaching CPR/First Aid for St. John Ambulance.

Heather (Registered Animal Health Technologist /Veterinary Nurse/ Office Manager)

Heather graduated from Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Science in Saskatoon, SK in June of 1979. She worked at Calgary North Veterinary Clinic until the fall of 1989 when she came to work at Sunridge Veterinary Clinic as a Technologist. In 1993 she also took over the role of Office Manager. Heather has two children, a son and daughter. She lives in Calgary with her husband, daughter, a Nova Scotia Duck Toller named Hayley and a stray cat she rescued from the clinic named Pepper.

Kamila (Registered Animal Health Technologist /Veterinary Nurse)

Kamila began working at Sunridge Veterinary Clinic as a volunteer in high school. After graduating from high school she attended Old's College and graduated from the Animal Health Technology program in 2002. She completed her practicum at Airdrie Animal Clinic and was then hired on as a Technologist. There she gained knowledge working with dogs, cats, and rescued wildlife from the Rockyview Wildlife Centre. She returned to Sunridge Veterinary Clinic in 2004. She lives in Calgary with her family and her pets; a rescue cat named Xyla, and her running partner Meadow, a Chocolate Labrador.

Alanah (Registered Animal Health Technologist /Veterinary Nurse)

Alanah is a born and raised Calgarian. Once she completed high school she found employment at a local horse boarding facility. While caring for the horses at the facility, she decided to turn her passion for animals into a career. She attended the Animal Nursing program at Old's College and graduated the spring of 2015. She completed her practicum in Victoria, BC then returned to Calgary where she was immediately hired by Sunridge Veterinary Clinic. Alanah has had a variety of pets over the years and now shares her home with a beautiful, sweet husky cross named Mya, a rescue Pitbull cross named Timber, and her rescue cat, Mabel. 

Mitchell (Registered Animal Health Technologist /Veterinary Nurse)

Mitchell was born in Kelowna BC, where he spent most of his formative years learning and growing. Mitchell's love for animals stems from his hero, the late Steve Irwin, who he wishes he could have met. He moved with his family to Calgary in 2010 when his father got offered a job opportunity. Helping animals has always been his dream, so after graduating high school, he attended the Animal Health Technician course at Fairview College, and graduated in 2017. He has worked at many clinics over the past few years, each teaching him different techniques and methods related to medicine. Mitchell used to volunteer at AARCS animal rescue in his spare time, but he now devotes all of his energy and attention towards the Sunridge Veterinary Clinic team. Mitchell has had many pets in his life, most of which were rodents and reptiles. He currently lives with his 2 roommates and his pet Sunglow Corn Snake Mike.

 Matthew (Veterinary Assistant)

Matthew is pursuing his dream of working in a veterinary clinic and has had a long time love of working with animals. In the past, volunteering for the Meow Foundation and AARCS, as well being a foster home for many cats and dogs! Born and raised in Calgary, worked in an oil and gas office out of school and decided to pursue a career working with animals and graduated from Robertson College in 2019 with his Veterinary Assistant Diploma. At home, Matthew has Sunday, A Corgi x Chihuahua, Bennett, a french bulldog and Ian, a Russian blue cat, (All rescues) Matthew will be around assisting Dr.Magill, Dr. Duncan and the team with your animals when they come into the clinic, and give them the best care and attention when they come in.