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Sunridge Veterinary Clinic

Pet Food and Supplies

At Sunridge Vet Clinic we believe that the first step to maintaining your pet's good health is with proper nutrition.

Eating healthy is just as important to our pet's well being as it is to ours. Between the multitude of pet food brands, dozens of different foods in each brand, and advertising that can be confusing and often misleading, we understand that as a consumer, choosing your pets food can be an extremely daunting task. All of our staff at Sunridge Vet Clinic are extremely knowledgeable about pet nutrition. We continuously upgrade our knowledge by attending pet food seminars and continuing education sessions. If you have questions about what you are feeding your pet please ask us. We can help you navigate through the maze of confusion. 

We offer a few select brands of veterinary quality pet foods that we trust to recommend to our clients for different life stages and medical conditions.

Some Facts About Pet Food:

               * There are two acceptable methods of testing pet foods: Formulation Method: A cheap method of testing pet food using only a simple laboratory nutrient analysis test. Foods tested with this method state on their label 'Is formulated to meet nutritional levels'. Feeding Trial Method: Manufacturer must follow guidelines in a feeding trial using the food as the sole source of nutrition. This is the Gold Standard method in testing pet foods. Foods tested in this manor will state on their label that feeding trials substantiate that the food provides complete and balanced nutrition for that life stage.

               * The ingredient label on pet foods must list the ingredients in descending order by weight. Many pet food companies will list meat as a first ingredient by splitting the list of grains therefore meat appears first. They will add meat with a large moisture content therefore adding to it's weight and putting it highest on the ingredient list. Many veterinary quality foods list all their ingredients on a 'dry matter' (all moisture has been removed) basis including meat.

               * The ingredient label does not provide information on the quality of the ingredients. Veterinary quality foods use high quality meats, grains and by products. High quality by-products include nutrient rich organs such as heart and liver.

               * Dogs are omnivores and require a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins from a variety of meats, grains and vegetables. 

               * The term 'grain free' in foods is misleading since most of those foods use carbohydrates from other sources like sweet potatoes which are higher in carbs then grains. One grain commonly used in high quality foods is corn. Corn is a rich source of fatty acids and is high in antioxidants.

                * Many diseases can be caused by an excess of nutrients rather then deficiencies. It is important to compare pet foods by nutrients not ingredients and on a dry matter basis only.

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At Sunridge Vet Clinic we believe that keeping your pet happy and active is just as important as proper nutrition. Besides... what fun is having a pet if you can't spoil him/her??

We offer a large choice of healthy treats. Many of which are hypoallergenic and low fat for those pets on special diets. We have several types of treats and chewies that help aid in dental care for both dogs and cats.

We have a variety of safe and durable dog and cat toys, collars, leashes, kennels, canine booties, litter boxes, and grooming supplies. If there is any pet supply you are looking for that we don't carry in our store, chances are we can order it in for you.