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Sunridge Veterinary Clinic

Sunridge Veterinary Clinic is a full service Veterinary Hospital. We focus on providing preventive medical and surgical care for all stages of your pet's life.  

To serve our clients better, we limit our practice to treating Dogs and Cats. For those of you with caged pets and exotics (reptiles, birds and amphibians) we would be happy to direct you to a practice near you.   

Preventative Health Care

We promote regular physical examinations as well as vaccinations for your pet. The frequency of visits changes depending on your pet's stage of life and risk factors. We encourage vaccinating for all canine and feline diseases that are endemic in our region. We promote parasite treatment and prevention for internal and external parasites. Many parasites not only affect your pet but many are zoonotic (transmissible to humans) as well.

If you are travelling with your pet, please ask us about any special vaccinations or preventitive treatments that they may require.

We also provide prompt consultation and examination should your pet become ill or injured. If you have an emergency call us immediately at 403-285-8777. If we are not able to see you immediately we will direct you to one of Calgary's emergency clinics nearest you.

Surgical Procedures

We are equipped to perform a varitey of surgical procedures. Our skilled surgeons routinely perform surgical sterilization (spaying and neutering), identification tattooing and microchipping, soft tissue surgeries (wound repairs, lump and mass removals), orthopedics, eye and ear surgeries.

We use only the safest anesthetics and pharmaceuticals and all our surgical patients are strictly monitered before, during and post surgery by our highly trained nurses. Our top priority is the safety and comfort of our patients, therefore we encourage presurgical blood work and post surgical pain management.


We utilize state of the art digital radiology equipment. Digital radiology is an amazing technological advancement that allows our Doctors to immediately view as well as share radiographs to a network of computers sometimes thousands of miles away. This enables us to get the quickest diagnosis as possible and opinions from specialists from across the country. 

Laboratory and Pharmacutical Services

Our in house laboratory allows us to perform a multitude of diagnostic procedures on site, ensuring rapid results and diagnosis. For the more complicated diagnostic tests, we courier our samples to our external partners, Idexx Laboratories, who are able to perform hundreds of diagnostic tests and provide us with fast and accurate results and interpretations.

We have a well stocked in-house pharmacy that carries a wide variety of veterinary pharmacuticals. We also work closely with several local pharmacies that are able to compound a variety of drugs into several different forms making admistration to your pet much easier.

Veterinarians must follow the same laws as human pharmacists which states that all pets must be examined by a Veterinarian before dispensing perscribed medication. Your pet must be seen for an examination for that particular condition, within the last year, in order to refill a perscription.

Dental Procedures

Dental disease is prevalent in both dogs and cats. Some breeds are naturally predisposed to dental disease while others acquire the condition as they age. Tooth trauma is a common occurance in dogs especially those who like to chew. Dental disease not only causes bad breath and discomfort, but if left undetected can lead to serious periodontal disease, abcesses, weight loss and severe pain. In more advanced stages the bacteria in the pet's mouth enters the blood stream and causes damage the the kidneys and heart.

We promote at home dental care and dental disease prevention. We are always willing to discuss with our clients how they can help to prevent any dental issues from occuring with their pets. Our yearly checkups include a dental examination in which the Doctor can determine whether your pet could benefit from a full dental cleaning. If so, we will arrange to have your pet stay with us for the day to undergo a ultrasonic scaling and polishing under a general anesthetic. At the same time we will provide any necessary extractions. After the procedure we will discuss with you ways in which you can help to minimize the chance of recurrence.