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Sunridge Veterinary Clinic


Did you know...

- Dental disease is most common in older pets and small dogs.

- Research shows that around the age of 2 years, 70% of cats and 80% of dogs have some signs of dental disease.

- Just like people, dogs and cats require regular dental checkups.

- some pets are predisposed to building up plaque and tartar quickly. These pets would benefit greatly from daily brushing and a good quality dental diet. 

- If not removed, plaque builds up on your pets teeth every day. If plaque isn't removed it mineralizes into tartar. 

- Tartar adheres firmly to the teeth and cannot be removed by brushing alone.

- Tartar buildup can lead to gingivitis (a painful inflamation of the gums), eventually progressing into periodontal disease and tooth loss.

- Once periodontal disease sets in, the irritated gums bleed allowing bacteria from the tartar to enter the blood stream.

- Bacteria in the bloodstream travels throughout the body and can negatively affect vital organs such as the heart and kidneys.

Signs your pet may have an oral health problem...

The first sign of dental disease that most owners will notice is their pet's bad breath. Some other common signs you may notice are...

- Difficulty or reluctant eating

- Loose teeth or tooth loss

- Sore mouth (pain or aggression when mouth area is touched or animal is pawing and rubbing at the mouth)

- Bleeding gums

- Discolored teeth (yellow or brown tartar)

- Broken teeth

- Drooling

What can you the pet owner do to treat or prevent dental disease

- Regular visits to your veterinarian including dental exams with the possibility of ultrasonic scaling and polishing if needed.

- Brush your dogs teeth regularly to remove plaque before tartar has a chance to form.

- Provide dogs with appropriate chew toys or chews specially designed to help reduce plaque accumulation and tartar formation.

*** Avoid hard nylon toys, cow hooves and bones as these can fracture teeth and cause intestinal blockages if ingested.***

 -We carry a variety of Dental diets and chews for pets, that are specially formulated to reduce dental plaque and tartar build up.  


In the past few years we have been hearing more frequently about "Anesthetic Free Dental Cleanings" offered by several pet stores and groomers. It is a very concerning trend for all of us in the Veterinary Medical field. Those that provide this form of dental cleaning would like you to believe that it is a cheaper and safer method of maintaining your pets oral health. This couldn't be further from the truth. Although you may see a visible difference on the surface of your pets teeth, the area of the teeth that lie underneath the gum line and the back of the teeth, are not addressed. This can lead to future abscesses and infections. A full extensive oral exam is not done during these procedures which can result in oral papillomas and tumors being missed and as a result, not removed in a timely manner. As well, the pet will be physically restrained during the procedure which will be both painful and stressful to the animal and will most likely have long term effects on the ability to manipulate your pets mouth.

We understand why pet owners are tempted to try the anesthetic free dental cleanings especially in these hard economic times. With the well being of our pet clients in mind, we are striving hard to make dental cleaning as affordable to our clients as we can while still keeping your pets health and safety as our number one priority. Please call the clinic for more information about our complimentary dental exams and details of our safe and affordable dental cleanings.

Click on the link below to read about the Alberta Veterinary Medical Associations standing on nonprofessional dental cleanings and click on the button below for more information about maintaining healthy oral health for your dog and cat.